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June 2019 Special: Rainbow Tie Dye Urnes Snakes Altar Cloth

New in my Etsy Shop today!

This year’s June Special is

Rainbow Tie Dye Urnes Snake Altar Cloth

 Machine embroidered altar cloth, featuring the Urnes Snakes

a motif commonly associated with the Norse God Loki by modern day Lokeans.

  • Altar cloth is made of 100% rainbow tie-dye cotton fabric, with finished edges.
  • Cloth measures 22 inches square, and each Urnes Snake image measures approximately 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches.
  • This cloth adds a lovely splash of bright rainbow color to any Lokean altar

$15.00 USD


What’s New: June 2019

This past May brought me some more orders for my shop, and all of them surprisingly featured the Interwoven Rainbow Pentacle:

This particular design proved to be very popular – especially when I stitched it up using exclusively variegated threads:

Though I made two sales of this particular tarot/rune bag through my extension shop at Shopify (which, if I’m being honest, I’m starting to prefer over my shop-presence at Etsy), my Etsy shop still seems to draw more business.

I don’t know why, except to assume that it is simply the fact that my Etsy shop has been in existence a little bit longer than The CrowsKnot extension at Shopify.

(Still, someday I would like to move away from Etsy’s paradigm entirely if I could; simply due to the fact that Etsy’s posting fees quickly add up while Shopify charges a flat rate – which I find vastly more preferable)

At any rate, June brought me some welcome business, and I actually got the opportunity to create some unique (and fun!) custom orders which garnered me several direct sales, which was a welcome change from last year (wherein I suffered a few hiccups associated with custom work.)


In other news, as I do every June, I created a few special items for the shop in celebration of Pride
Here are two of my latest rune/tarot bag designs for Heathen Pride 🏳️‍🌈

These two designs will be available for a limited time only throughout the month of June*

Medium Rainbow Urnes Snake Tarot/Rune Bag – Black – $20

Measures 5.0 x 6.25 inches



Large Rainbow Urnes Snake Tarot/Rune Bag – Black – $22

Measures 7.5x 9.0 inches


Large Thor’s Hammer/Mjolnir Rainbow Tarot/Rune Bag – $22

Measures 7.5x 9.0 inches



 🏳️‍🌈 Happy June everyone! 🏳️‍🌈

Thanks for stopping by!


* Sales and orders of the Urnes snake/Mjolnir with rainbow flag design will conclude on 1 July 2019 *

New Jewelry Offerings.

Though I love creating all kinds of things

some of the items that never took off (no pun intended) at the Crow’s Knot on Etsy



One reason that occurred to me was that the Etsy environment is perhaps saturated by jewelry artisans – not necessarily a bad thing! – but I was surprised to find that I personally found my niche at Etsy in custom embroidery rather than in making jewelry.

Now, making jewelry has always been one of my favorite creative pursuits, as if you recall, one of the first devotional items I ever created for myself involved jewelry.

What began with ankle bracelets and necklaces soon moved onto creating prayer beads that could withstand my ‘vigorous devotional handling‘ among other things.

So when I decided to host an extension of the Crow’s Knot on Shopify, I was thrilled to have a larger platform where I could create – and perhaps even sell – the jewelry that I’ve so loved making over the past decade 🙂

So, without further ado, here are my latest creations that can only be found at the Crow’s Knot on Shopify:

Bonfire Clasp Bracelet 



The Bonfire Clasp Bracelet is made of 6mm beads of semi-precious carnelian, fire agate, crackled agate, and red glass strung on 19-strand Beadalon beading wire, with brass spacers and a brass lobster clasp closure


Northern Lights Clasp Bracelet


The Northern Lights Bracelet is a beaded bracelet consisting of semi-precious gemstone beads of rainbow hematite, jet, and pale blue labradorite strung on sturdy 19-strand Beadalon beading wire with a silver plated clasp.


Blood and Bone Clasp Bracelet



The Blood and Bone bracelet is made of 4mm beads of genuine deer bone, alternating with 4mm beads of red glass, and black glass seed beads strung on sturdy 19-strand Beadalon beading wire. Bracelet closes with a sterling silver plated lobster clasp.

Coming Soon to the shop….

Since I participated in my first vending event  at Florida Pagan Gathering Samhain 2018 last weekend, I wanted also to update this blog with a peek at some of the new designs that I introduced at the event:

Hand Embroidery

Here is an altar cloth featuring the Fox – one of my favorite Tricksters:


  • Cloth is 100% cotton, in medium orange-red, featuring a fox motif at each corner, hand-stitched in 50/50 poly cotton blend variegated thread, in various shades of yellow and orange.
  • Finished size is approximately 19 inches square, with double-hemmed edges to prevent fraying.


4 Season World Tree Rune Bag

  • This small rune bag of 100% cotton muslin, features an intricate World Tree transforming through the four seasons – spring, summer, fall, and winter – hand-stitched in 50/50 poly-cotton thread in various earth-tones of green, yellow, orange and brown.
  • This bag is also lined inside with 100% cotton sheeting in a complimentary tan floral pattern and cinches with a double drawstring closure.
  • Bag measures 4 x 6 inches – perfect for holding runes, dice, gemstones or other small treasures


Skull and Roses Tarot Bag

  • This tarot bag of 100% cotton muslin, features a hand-embroidered skull and roses motif; the skull is stitched in 50/50 poly-cotton thread in shades of brown and gold, and two roses -one red, one magenta – flanked by leaves in shades of dark and medium green, also in 50/50 poly-cotton.
  • Bag measures a generous 5 x 7 inches, and is lined in cream polyester satin – large enough to hold your favorite standard size tarot deck – and cinches with a double drawstring closure.


Machine Embroidery

Altar Cloths

Interwoven Pentacle:

  • 100% cotton altar cloths featuring an intricately interwoven pentacle, based upon a  machine-embroidery pattern created by Urban Threads.
  • As each altar cloth featured is hand-cut and features double hand-rolled hems to prevent fraying, approximate measurements vary from 14 x 14 inches to 22 x 22 inches square:
  • The cool blues interwoven pentacle cloth measures approximately 16 x 16 inches
  • The white rainbow interwoven pentacle measures 18 x 18 inches
  • The black and purple interwoven pentacle measures 22 x 22 inches square.


Triple Horn

  • These 100% cotton altar cloths feature a 2 x 2-inch triple horn on each corner and varying in measurement from 14 inches to 20 inches square.

  • This particular cloth also features a circle of Elder Futhark runes in the center of the cloth which measures 3.5 inches in diameter.









Update: My first public vending event!

After a busy month spent embroidering, sewing and assembling

tarot and rune bags:


and altar cloths:



And I spent the weekend of November 9th-11th attending Florida Pagan Gathering —


and I made my first attempt at vending at a public event!

(By the way that’s K in the photos, who graciously assisted me in manning/arranging my product table…)

Though it was both nerve-wracking and exciting, the FPG community gave K and me – and my Etsy shop, CrowsKnot – such a warm and supportive welcome!

I was grateful to have the opportunity to connect and network with other Pagan artisans (in person!), make some new friends, and meet so many wonderful people. (What’s more, I made a few sales – and received a few orders for custom work – creating handmade magic for happy customers 🙂 )

All in all, K and I had an amazing time!

I cannot wait to vend the next event – in May 2018 🙂

What’s New: May

While sales in April were slow, I’m pleased to say that things are looking up for May, as the beginning of the month brought me a few lucrative opportunities.

Since the altar cloths and tarot/rune bags continue to be my two biggest sellers, I’ve been working to re-stock the shop with more of my bestsellers (ie, the Loki Shapeshifter cloth, the Snaptun Stone altar tokens, and rune designs) as well as some new designs that honor other Deities such as the Morrigan, Cernunnos and Dionysos.


Here is an embroidered tarot/rune bag that I am in the process of finishing up today:



And a bit of the embroidery process of an altar cloth featuring the Elder Futhark runes:


…and the completed cloth:





I’ve been spending a lot of time working on products for my shop, which requires me to indulge in my favorite embroidery addictions.

I’m happy to say that it seems to be paying off just a wee bit – as I’ve had two sales in two weeks, and two more of my upcoming embroidery projects have garnered a lot of interest – which is an exciting and welcome distraction from the emotional intensity of the last two weeks.

Since the items folks searched for most often as well as ‘liked’ most often within my shop happen to be

’embroidered altar cloths’



So I’ve been testing different patterns of runes, along with testing out different thread blends, stitch patterns, and a lot of sketching (because one of my favorite things about my product process is developing various ideas and incorporating new imagery for embroidering onto altar cloths.)

But as much as I have been making a lot of altar cloths for my shop,

recently I decided to make a new altar cloth for my personal altar.

Even though I didn’t have a concrete idea in mind


I hadn’t really given thought to mapping anything out

-which is unusual for me –

I figured that I would come up with something.


And I did on Monday morning.

Beginning at the lower left corner, I started by stitching a smaller version of this design:

(It’s hard to see out of a color scheme but it’s a heart entwined into a triple horn – a design I’ve come to use to represent both of Them.)

And if you know me, I like working with color blends.

It’s a little more work – but I think it’s definitely worth it.

At first, I’d only intended to stitch this design onto one corner…

but it’s as if I like to make work for myself  when it comes to embroidery

so I stitched it onto both corners:

(One shade of red, two oranges, and a yellow for Loki, and four shades of blue for Odin)

Then, I sized down a particular border layout, as I wanted to test out a new silk thread blend so I began embroidering

my favorite thing:

a border of  Elder Futhark runes.

But a challenge arose with the fabric – which was a black and grey cotton tie dye – as I found myself struggling to find a color combination that would ‘show up’ against the fabric which had so much variation in color and shade.

A lot of the lighter colors appeared ‘washed out’ in the pattern, so I tried several shades of blue, lavender, and grey thread as tests:

(For example, the Ansuz (ᚨ) is a light blue thread, and the Kenaz (ᚲ) is a lavender thread, though here, they look the same)

So I picked out/undid the stitching of the lavender and the grey threads, and continued the borders in a light to medium blue.

Fehu to Jera on the left side…and Eihwaz to Othala on the right side.

So, perhaps the two heart/triplehorn should

flank sixteen larger runes

– *an invitation in dark blue*-

for the central portion of the altar cloth.

But this blue looked oddly ‘sunk’ (appearing to fade or disappear) against the darker portions of the pattern:

So, as you see here, I decided to outline the darker runes with a silk blend silver thread…

and I really liked the way it looked.

I liked it so much that I don’t know what I was thinking but

– silly me! –

I wondered how long could it take to outline sixteen runes?

I love embroidering runes (really I do!) so it won’t take long, I thought.

I mean, I’ve had lots of practice, eh?

Since it took me about a half of an hour to hand-stitch the 24 runes

(there are 12 on each side)

and about twenty more minutes to stitch the 16 runes in the center

 I figured it would take me an hour

– maybe two –

to outline all of them.


Well, I am a lot slower than I thought.

It took me almost three hours to outline just those sixteen dark blue runes on this altar cloth.

(And heh….perhaps some other day, I will outline the 24 lighter ones that border the edges at the left and the right.)


So then the next day…after I walked the dogs and did most of my basic daily routines,

I decided that this altar cloth also needed to have a small design

to separate

*those two sets of eight runes in the center.*

They spell out an invitation which looks like this:

(Laþu Loki)


(Laþu Odin)

At first, I thought I’d just make a little twist or a swirl, but no matter what I did

it didn’t look right.

So I picked, cut, and pulled out all the threads of that little swirly circular button.

And then I decided, how about the World Tree?

I mean, I had approximately a 2 or 3 inch rectangle to work with

so I thought I’d stitch this, in bright green thread:

(Psst…it was harder than it looked!)

Y’know, because it’s hard to stitch symmetrical designs after midnight.

So, again, I unraveled that design and I picked out all those long, graceful stitches




And I sat there staring at it for a bit.

But then I did another World Tree:

I thought it covered up the pulling spots nicely 🙂


Finished outlining the letters today…

and as the finishing touch, I stitched a purple border around the heart/triple horns.


And here it is – my new altar cloth –

Hail Loki ❤ Hail Odin

February: What’s New!

So what’s new for February at my Etsy shop CrowsKnot?

Why it’s more embroidery, of course!

Since the month of February contains not one but *two* personal anniversaries for me, my newest products feature hearts – both elemental and of the Celtic knotwork variety.

First up, is the

Elemental Hearts Altar Cloth

A lovely hand-embroidered altar cloth featuring the four elements – Air, Fire, Water and Earth –

Elemental Hearts Altar Cloth – $15.00

*100% pre-shrunk cotton, in white, with hand-rolled double stitched finished edges.

*Measures approximately 15.5 by 15.5 inches square (39 by 39 cm)


As anyone who knows my affinity for the element of Fire

I was especially surprised to find that I most enjoyed embroidering the designs

for the elements of Air and Water

as conveying the color and movement of these two elements

turned out to be an unusual but welcome challenge for me.


As well, I decided to expand upon the original design by embroidering


Elemental Hearts Rune Bag

Elemental Hearts Rune Bag – $10.00
*100% pre-shrunk cotton muslin

*Bag measures approximately 5.5 inches long and 4.0 inches wide, with an opening of 3.75 by 2.25 inches wide

*Bag closes by a sturdy double drawstring closure.


You might notice that the rune bag design is not an exact duplicate of the altar cloth as

my expansion of the design features my favorite representation of the element of Earth

– trees! –

and I was inspired to depict a tree morphing through the four seasons:

I was so inspired by this heart-tree imagery that I plan on featuring it on several future products

I’m creating for the shop as the wheel of the year

turns toward Spring and Beltane ❤


As for the Celtic knotwork

-another design that features heavily in my embroidery –

I spent the last few days embroidering a lovely heart knotwork design

using a lovely rainbow ombre poly/cotton thread Coats and Clark refers to as ‘Jewels’

I love how the bold, bright colors of this thread just *pop* against the background of lighter fabrics!

The finished project:

The Celtic Heart Knot Altar Cloth

Celtic Heart Knot Altar Cloth – $15.00
*100% pre-shrunk cotton, in white, with finished edges

*Cloth measures approximately 18.5 by 18.5 inches square (46.7 cm)


I am so in love with these ombre threads that I have several more works in progress

featuring the Pagan pentacle

As well, keep your eye out for upcoming projects that feature one of my most popular designs involving

the Elder Futhark and Anglo Saxon runes:


Please note: I offer *free* shipping within the continental U.S!*


Since I have quite an embroidery addiction, I would be more than glad to create something just for you and your beautiful altar!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me



Or directly through my email at


Thanks again for stopping by and I hope that y’all have a wonderful day!


*While I can and do ship to international buyers, I cannot afford to offer free international shipping at this time

** If you do choose to contact me directly through gmail, please put ‘CrowsKnot’ in the subject header so I know you’re not spam — Thanks!