Though I love creating all kinds of things

some of the items that never took off (no pun intended) at the Crow’s Knot on Etsy



One reason that occurred to me was that the Etsy environment is perhaps saturated by jewelry artisans – not necessarily a bad thing! – but I was surprised to find that I personally found my niche at Etsy in custom embroidery rather than in making jewelry.

Now, making jewelry has always been one of my favorite creative pursuits, as if you recall, one of the first devotional items I ever created for myself involved jewelry.

What began with ankle bracelets and necklaces soon moved onto creating prayer beads that could withstand my ‘vigorous devotional handling‘ among other things.

So when I decided to host an extension of the Crow’s Knot on Shopify, I was thrilled to have a larger platform where I could create – and perhaps even sell – the jewelry that I’ve so loved making over the past decade 🙂

So, without further ado, here are my latest creations that can only be found at the Crow’s Knot on Shopify:

Bonfire Clasp Bracelet 



The Bonfire Clasp Bracelet is made of 6mm beads of semi-precious carnelian, fire agate, crackled agate, and red glass strung on 19-strand Beadalon beading wire, with brass spacers and a brass lobster clasp closure


Northern Lights Clasp Bracelet


The Northern Lights Bracelet is a beaded bracelet consisting of semi-precious gemstone beads of rainbow hematite, jet, and pale blue labradorite strung on sturdy 19-strand Beadalon beading wire with a silver plated clasp.


Blood and Bone Clasp Bracelet



The Blood and Bone bracelet is made of 4mm beads of genuine deer bone, alternating with 4mm beads of red glass, and black glass seed beads strung on sturdy 19-strand Beadalon beading wire. Bracelet closes with a sterling silver plated lobster clasp.

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